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Scimitar and V8 links

other scimitar & V8 sites:

  • ScimWeb The Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners' Club Website
  • Yahoo! Autos Scimitar Forum Everyone who's anyone is here, lots of help available!
  • Steve's SE5a Scimitar Site 1975 Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5a Model. Ford Essex V6 3.0 ltr Engine and Borg Warner 35 Automatic Gearbox.
  • Gary Watson's V8 Manta Site A place to ask questions, find solutions to your problems and get help & ideas on manta topics. Also, see Gary's car in the "More V8's Section".
  • Dave Poole's Sporting Reliants Site Here you will find plenty of information about Reliant sports cars including the Sabra, Sabre, Scimitar GT, Scimitar GTE, Scimitar GTC, Middlebridge Scimitar, SS1, SST, 1800ti, Scimitar Sabre plus prototype and development cars.
  • Erik's Scimitar Site On this site a lot of info and pictures about Reliant made cars. Especially the Scimitar range. Dutch AND English!
  • Don Kennedy's Scimitar GTE site "This Web Site is primarily about my 1972 Scimitar GTE SE5a. JBY 137K. Any or all of the information relates to a 1972 SE5a although I would not expect a great difference to later year SE5a's...
  • Steve's Scimitar Coupe Site "A website dedicated to the preservation of one of Reliant lesser known sports cars"

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