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Other jobs you need to do

"Other issues are the oil filter gets very close to the suspension turret - though if necessary it may be possible to get a smaller filter to fit if the brake lines are moved - but I bolted a remote filter onto the radiator shroud on the passenger side where there was most room.

"The top hose is SD1 rover V8 onto the Standard Scimitar radiator.

"The 'Strut brace' had to fabricated - from steam pipe in a tube bender (thin wall tube just kinked up). I made a jig to get the flanges in the correct positions when welding.

"Propshaft was made by reco-prop and was about £200.

"Speedo - square drive will fit to slightly smaller square drive scim cable if you make sone shim steel packers, the cable is just about long enough if routed correctly.

"Temp sender - still working on the correct sender- my V8 sender overreads by about 10 degrees at the moment.

"Rad bottom hose - scim bottom stainless steel pipe shortened rotoated 180 degrees and fitted above the steering rack, worked for me connected to original rubber pump / rad hose.

"Heater control - I have none at the moment so it is a bit toasty... Europa do one for a tenner should connect to original cable etc.

"Rear ant roll bar supplied by: Vintage and Sportscar Garage at Harrietsham Kent, Phone 01622 859570 they advertise in Slice Not sure if the still supply them, but if there is enough interest I'm sure they will make some more!!!

"Then that was it. I was lucky as I already had the Citroen BX fan, and a leccy fuel pump/ regulator. The Clutch operation is Hydraulic, in fact it is the original V6 master and slave cylinder - which give the correct throw. The Scimitar Lockheed slave looks externally identical to the SD1 Slave, but the SD1 slave is of a much larger diameter and disengagement problems would no doubt occur)."

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