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Exhausts for a V8 SE6 Scimitar GTE

My V8 conversion started out with the wheezy Scimitar exhaustsconnected to even wheezier Land Rover cast iron manifolds.

Hey, it got me on the road! Get 2 x drivers side (sorry, that means you have to find 2 donor vehicles) cast iron exhaust manifolds off old V8 Range / Land Rovers and you'll be able to use the original scimitar exhausts. (Note, save 3 or 4 inches of the Land Rover downpipe where it attaches as you'll want to weld it onto the Scimitar downpipe).

Then we needed power, and tubular manifolds became the priority.

Some mild tubular manifolds from a Morgan looked as though they could be modified to work, we tried and failed. In the meantime the 4.6 was being built so we decided to do the job properly. Global Tube Fabrications of Worcester (01905 764 302) copied the pattern provided by our (pigeon shit) effort and turned out several sets of stainless steel rover v8 exhaust manifolds - Laverly!

Four into one was simplest, however there is an SE5 convertible (no, that isn't an error, it's a custom job) knocking about equipped with some rather good looking homebrew 4-2-1 items.

Do you need a manifold pattern to get your own made? Email me, its available for hire. £15 for a month (but I'm afraid a £100 deposit).

Heres the resulting stainless steel V8 manifolds:
V8 Scimitar Exhaust Manifold top view

V8 Exhaust Manifold Bottom View

Stainless Steel Rover V8 Exhaust Manifolds

...and the straight-through exhausts:
Stainless Steel V8 Exhaust System

Rover V8 Exhaust System

V8 Exhaust Backbox

V8 Simitar Stainless Exhaust System

The sound is terrific... The rough idle of the Typhoon cam crackes perfectly and wide open throttle is LOUD like it oughta be.

Lovely lovely lovely.

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