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Other Mods

Electric Power Steering:
The V8 sits VERY close to the steering rack (I ended up getting brackets made to move it 10mm or so forward however more work at the bulkhead would perhaps avoid this). It also fills the space between the suspension turrets so there's not much room for the PAS gear. To get over this I mounted a Vauxhall Astra Electric PAS pump forward of the radiator...

Sutton Hydraulics of Ross-on-Wye (01989 768545) assembled some flexible hose and fittings plus an infinitely variable pressure regulator with recirc. The Astra pump delivers about 1,200 psi, the Scimitar one only 600 (or so). We didn't want to ruin the rack so the regulator meant we could waste all the pressure, get the system running and just gently increase pressure from zero until it all felt right.

Heres a pic:
(you can see the top of the PAS fluid reservoir behind the NS bonnet pin)
V8 Scimitar Electric Power Steering

Bonnet Scoop:
To get a bit of cold air onto the air-intake Stevie at Grind-n-Shine carefully grafted a scoop into the bonnet. Smith & Deakin Plastics of Worcester (01905 458886) supplied the parts and this was the result:

V8 Scimitar GTE

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