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I'm sorry folks, it had to go ... but there was a plan!

For all the power and noise, and even with uprated suspension and brakes my particular Scimitar required a full restoration to really come up to scratch. While it had served me brilliantly if I was going to go to that much effort then it had to be the smaller, slightly rounder SE5... cut a long story short, the SE6 donated all the trick bits in aid of the rescue of a VERY rough SE5a. The SE5a was stripped down and a newly galvanised and poly-bushed rolling chassis purchased from Cornwall.

What better start could you ask for?

All projects hit crisis points, some hang-on and others go. In one year we suffered the tragic loss of my (terrific petrolhead) father-in-law to the big 'C' and were also blown away by the arrival of our first child. All in all I felt that a full body restoration, re-trim and rebuild of a car wasn't really going to happen and so it all got sold.


A cheeky TVR Chimaera found it's way home and the Scimitar's 4.6 engine just happened to be sat waiting for it.

Well, it would be rude not to right? 

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