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TVR Chimaera Chassis Stripdown

With the body removed, chassis stripdown took longer than expected, photographing every pipe-run, suspension components, fittings. The box of bushes Sam was left with having pressed them from every arm (the infamous diff bush put up a fair fight even with the access afforded by havign the shell out of the way) was a satisfying thing to scrap knowing that polyurethane would take its place.

The real condition of the chassis is only apparent at this stage, Sam found corrosion under apparently ogitinal looking paint and one or two well hidden holes - easy repairs when the chassis is bare.

Preparing to be dipped

With the intention to dip the chassis to remove all trace of paint, grease, dirt and corrosion drain holes have to be drilled at the end of each tube in the chassis. Unfortunately, welds do not keep the fluids used during dipping out so drainage is necessary. It's a lot of holes but they will be plugged later.


Surface Processing Ltd (Dudley) are well known now for their treatments for car restoration. They will strip shells, chassis, parts and also if required e-cote. Sam's Chimaera chassis was dipped, a job that SPL turned around in just a few days returning a perfectly clean white-metal chassis.

SPL can be contacted on 01384 242 010 or online at

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