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Sold on V8 Church! 3.5 Rover V8 1975 Mini Clubman


"The Roughest V8Mini Deathtrap In The World"

I couldn't possibly comment of course ;-) but it's gotta be the quickest way to try out these dream V8 conversions... Some people spend years machining perfect custom components and they are worthy, others get on with the welder and see what happens!

Here's Ian's write up from the web site: "Doris arrived in October 1997, as a slightly scruffy 1275GT with a badly fitted MG Metro engine, and over the next couple of years the usual things occurred. Bill Richards 1380, ST3 head, straight cut drops, x-pin diff, SD 6 point cage, steel backed buckets, harnesses etc... Then things got a bit more radical, having seen Viku's V8 Mini in late 2000, I thought 'I could do that', then added, 'But it won't look as shiny!'. As I had an inkling that it may be a bit of a drawn out project, I started a diary to record the trials and tribulations of the conversion."

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