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Sold on V8 Church! 3.5 Rover V8 Spartan V8



Graham Wrote: "What can I tell you about my Spartan? Well i got her as a non runner, thats not true, it sort of ran... Got her running but burning oil on right hand bank, very badly, you could not see behind you at all. A strip do was called for, taking it apart and thinks "looked too new", nothing looked bad, pistons looked like new and i mean NEW like they were just out of the box! The bores looked fine, the big ends like new, con rod bearings like new, everything as new in there . . . Anyway she had tin head gaskets and i don't like them, and inlet manifold had a crack in her . . . got another one. Also i found the heads had the exhaust studs recoiled and no bolts would fit properly so in the end i bought an engine and box. Have you ever seen a v8 motor and box in the back of a Clio? Anyway took the heads of that motor, rebuilt them. In the end I honed the bores out, new rings, big end and con rod bearings. Put engine back together with composite head gaskets etc., fired her up today and guess what she is still the same! Burning oil so bad you can't see the street! I have just spent a week doing this... As you can guess i am one hell of a pi**ed of person, and the money I've spent! I don't know where to go from here . . . Do I rebuild the other motor, have a re bore etc, or buy another motor I can see and hear running or give up? Think I well go and have a cry somewhere. Here are some pics of her anyway . . ."

Graham, thats a bummer - anyone with any suggestions please email me and I'll pass them onto Graham!

Stop Press - "Well, I had been thinking all night about my motor, and I started from the being my motor is a p6 but has the later timing cover and electronic dizzy. So i have been setting up the firing order, as the book said number 1 at around 7-8 O'Clock. I took the rocker covers off, got number 1 at top dead centre, had a look at where the rotor arm was and it was pointing at number 7. So what I can make out is that when the other person put the oil pump gear in he did not line the drive up with number 1. I moved all the ht leads round and guess what . . . the motor bust into life with no smoke at all! Why did i not check this before? The person who done all the work before I had it was a top mechanic for a big motor company! Never mind got there in the end..."

Folks take note - check the dizzy setup and firing order before you strip it all down!


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