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Sold on V8 Church! 3.9L Nitrous Rover V8 1983 Ford Capri



Tony wrote: "This car started life as a C reg 1.6 Laser and has now been converted from that to what it is today, A Rover 3.9efi V8 powered Capri with a hint of giggle gas (n20). The car has been owned by me now for 7yrs, and was built up from a bare shell, Over the years the car has had many changes put upon it until its present state of modification."

The engine spec includes: Piper 285, Fast Road Cam, Steel Vernier Timing Gears and Hi Rev anti pump up hydraulic lifters, Adjustable Chrome Moly Pushrods, lightened flywheel, and hi volume oil pump with remote filter, Factory 'Hotwire' Efi with Green Filter air induction filter, rising rate fuel regulator & Nitrous Oxide 200i Kit & Progressive controller...

...pause for breath...

...ARP main studs, ARP heads studs, ARP conrod studs with re machined HRC con rods, 4.6 ported tempest thor heads, Crane hi rev anti pump up lifters, AP Race clutch. And all is watched by an Autometer 5" sportcomp rev/shift counter.

Tony has his own site with more info and updates on his Capri, visit


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