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Sold on V8 Church! 4.4V8 Supercharged BMW 5 Series


Lewie and his rude scoop


500+ BHP of supercharged fun

UPDATE - "Lewie" now has 4.4 litres (long story) and an intercooler so should be good for about (even over?) 500bhp...

Heres a potted description of our e34 project, starting with a std 530i, we fitted a full poly bush kit replacing all std bushes, fitted uprated and lowered gas shocks and springs, along with strut braces, removed all the interior of the car..bye bye leather and walnut!

Stripped out alll the carpets and trim, boot liners spare wheel etc and fitted a pair of cobra buckets with 4 point harness"s, recoloured the entire dash/door cards etc in black, welded up the rear doors for rigidity, then removed all rubbing strips, badges and clutter from the outside of the car, filling and smoothing all the recesses and gaps including the rear door apertures/handles etc, next the bodykit was trial fitted, adjusted and refitted/ blended, as well as making a new exhaust system with quad 3 inch tailpipes, tinted the rear lights, replaced the front indicators with crystal ones and fabbing a cold air induction kit, as well as modifying an impreza rear spoiler to fit in place of the std item (not in pics!), cut some vents into the the bonnet, blacked out the back windows, finally gave the car a quick paint in matt black and adding e39 m5 alloys custom painted in black pearl..with batman logo's for humour value!

As a result of this the car now weighs over 300kg"s less than std with performance/ handling and brakes all improved for it...

Most recently we've added a pro street bonnet vent, and removed the old 3.0 v8, replacing it with a 4.0 complete with box, ecu's etc ... new engine remains more or less stock at the moment minus the dsc throttle rubbish, airbox and exhaust mods, there will be some tuning work going into this motor very shortly as well as some forced induction... wait and see!


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