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Sold on V8 Church! 5.0 Ford V8 Reliant Scimitar Coupe



"My coupe was owned by my mate for 20 years before i was lucky enough to get my hands on her. Originally fitted with a 2.5 litre v6, he uprated to a 3.0 v6 then another before going the full hog and fitting a tuned 302 Ford v8. She has been like this for 13 years, I've had her for 3 and have done the detailing."

» 302 windsor v8
» 4 barrel holly
» Crane cam
» Miloden timing gear
» Custom headers
» Full custom st,st pipes
» Adjustable shox
» Split rims

300 bhp runs through a 3 speed auto box to custom prop to modded tiger axle (good for 650 bhp so understressed).

looks standard in & out (apart from dash mounted rev counter & rectangular pipes). Built as a fast road car, it shows up both boy racers and porsches, tvr's etc.


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