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supercharged Ford 351w V8 Ford Escort mk1


The body has rally wheel arches fitted, and the bulkhead has been repostioned. Runs a Jaguar 3.8s IRS with 3.07ls diff.Front - Ford Saphire RS uprights, brakes and springs. Disc front and rear with seperate circuits each with BMW 3 series servo's.

engine specs: Ford 351w with HD conrods and ARP (180000lb) bolts. TRW forged HD pistons. Cloys Tru Roller timing gear set. Melling Hi-volume oil pump with heavy duty oil pump shaft. Crower Blower cam and racing anti-pump up lifters. Cleveland 2 valve cylinder heads. Gas-flowed and port matched. K line thin bronze valve guides. Inlet valves 2.25" swirl polished stainless severe duty. Exhuast valves 1.78" swirl polished stainless severe duty. Crower double valve springs rated to 7500rpm. Titanium 7 degree valve retainers and cotters. Custom made push rods with heavy duty rockers and studs. B&A Street Boss 351 inlet manifold port matched to heads. Hooker headers. Custom radiator.

Supercharger: Paxton SN93 boosted to 7lbs
Bosch dump-valve

Carburettor: Holley 600cfm highly modified for blower application.

Ignition : Ford breaker less electronics. Taylor plug leads. Driver adjustable MSD Booster timing master.

Fuel pump: Holley high volume with auto pressure on boost

Gearbox: Ford modified AOD with shift kit and one piece input shaft
Clutch packs increased

Performance : Power - 530k.w.
acceleration: 0 - 62mph: 3seconds flat
standing 1/4 mile: 11.5 (street tyres)
Top speed unknown: 320km/h theoretically.

This is a full street legal machine


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