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Sold on V8 Church! V8 Reliant Scimitar Coupe


The Coupe, has bog standard and well rattly V8 but very cleverly fitted to be very low in the chassis.

This car was once a beauty but that was long since. She is now very much 'in need' but had she been in better health I'd probably never have met her.

She has featured on the front of Slice 122 (the 'Ghost' car!), the middle of Slice 104-42 (on the left of the photo!), and being rallied on the back of Slice 132 (when she had her original 3.9 V8!), all when she was newer and healthier.

She features lowered stiffened suspension with Gaz dampers and handles really well.
The paintwork is dreadful and there is much crazing to be sorted plus the interior needs a bit of love but - apart from the knackered V8 - she is a very 'together' and solid car.

Sadly, for me and amazingly, the previous owner allowed a much revered member of Scimitar folklaw to talk him out of the very servicable - rocking horse turd - 'Chrome' front bumper which was generously exchanged by said vendor for a 'crap' fi-glass replacement AND cash! And the repairable original equipement electric webasto (or what-ever!) was generously exchanged for a 'crap' glass condensation panel - sorry - sunhatch and even more money for the fitting!!

This lovely Coupe has a load of potential and i promise you - She WILL return.............


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