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Sold on V8 Church! V8 Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5a


My green (Jaguar BRG) SE5a, has a 'RoverCraft' built V8 which has been dyno'd at 187bhp @5800 at the rear wheels on SU's. Soon, it will have a Weber 500 and Offenhauser which - depending on which load of bullshit you accept - add's an extra 20-40bhp to go with it's set of 'Mike-the-Pipe' exhaust manifolds which has already added a few more horses over the old Rangie jobs. It's 4 speed o/d which is my current pref.

It runs a Mallory twin point dizzy, fast road cam, re-worked heads, 'Mike-the-Pipes', hand made stainless exhause (bit too quiet!), Specially made Alloy Rad, LSD. Koni's, Uprated Springs, and, it goes rather well............


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