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An LSD for your Scimitar GTE

Along with my rear disc conversion is the fitment of a Jag Limited Slip Diff, lots of people have done this to Scimitars and its pretty strightforward. To keep things simple do what I did and go to Nicol in Kidderminster, call them on 01562 752651.

Ask them to dismantle your old axle and fit the Jag LSD or Powerlok of your choice (i.e. what ratio do you want?). The internals of one of those massive Jag IRS setups found in the back of many Jag XJ / XJS cars will fit inside the case of a Scimitar 4ha/7ha salisbury axle with only minor machining of custom bits - easy eh?

Mine had been in for a couple of years at the time of writing this page and behaved excellently. I went for a 3.77:1 ratio making my gears quite a bit lower than a standard Scimitar. Cruising was not a priority but to be honest turned out fine,  acceleration from the tuned 4.6 V8 though is superb!

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