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Wilwood Scimitar 4 pot caliper and vented disc conversion for a V8 Se6...

SE5 / SE6 compatibility: Scimitar SE5 and SE6 hubs are (I believe) similar so this should work on either variant, it just happens it got submitted under SE6.

Even when you're not thrashing it, with more power you end up braking from much higher speeds than with a standard engine. Scimitar brakes leave you wondering if it would help to just maybe stick your feet through a hole in the floor like the Anthill Mob.

I know, I know "Scimitar brakes are more than adequate" say all the purists. But face it, bigger vented discs and 4 pot calipers at the front are just GOING TO BE BETTER ... ... Stop whining about how great a well rebuilt set of standard brakes are OK! Take a brisk drive down a long and winding hill road then tell me they're still OK.

Here's what I fitted:
Wilwood Superlight 4 pot calipers

Wilwood vented disc conversion for the Scimitar GTE Wilwood 4-pot brake caliper conversion for the Scimitar GTE

The kit uses Wilwood 4 pot calipers (very light) and Nigel at Queensberry Road Garage (01536 513351) did them including EBC vented discs & pads, braided hoses plus all the bits and pieces required to fit for about £600 or £700. Some say pricey, I say it saves time and mistakes - DO IT! Sorry about the rust, it was 2 months after I fitted them that I got around to photographing them.

And they fit neatly inside standard 14" wolfrace wheels too.

Budget Scimitar 4pot caliper and vented disc conversion

Try out Ed Reid's scimitar SE5a brake conversion using Pricess calipers and a Peugeot 505 vented disc. I think SE5/6 hubs are the same so it should work.

Scimitar Rear Disc Conversion

For my SE6, I got togather a reassuringly over-engineered Scimitar rear disc conversion.

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