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Sold on V8 Church! 3.5 Rover V8 1978 Reliant Kitten



I just had to get this one into the Church. With the Scimitar being Reliant's long standing vee-engined weapon, what place could a humble kitten have? Well the V8 Church has a place for anything V8 powered, and believe it or not this Kitten is! John Beardmore built it several years ago (and according to his site, sold it yesterday!) because, well, basically he's different to other people... John obviously doesn't see things the way normal people do and therefore doesn't build things normal poeple would... We recognise this and have the deepest respect...

John Writes: "This Reliant Kitten is powered by a 3500cc Rover V8 engine and can accelerate to 100 mph from a standing start in under 10 seconds. Each rear tyre is over 300mm (12") wide and the car has a tube chassis/rollcage. I built the car when I was 20 years old and drive it regularly on the road surprising many supposedly fast cars and motor bikes. I built the car in our small single garage with basic hand tools ( hacksaw, files, angle grinder, etc.) and towards the end of the project I had the use of a MIG welder. A TIG welder was hired to weld the chassis. I carried out all the work myself except some of the machining, paint and wiring. The following pages show the design, build and driving of the car."

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