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Sold on V8 Church! V8 3.5i 1987 Range Rover Classic



My 1st V8 and my box of fun! I hav'nt had him for long but i had to start somewhere. My dad always had Land Rovers and completed the Paris-Dakar in 1988/89 with a Range Rover so from an early age i knew id have a Rangey! Obviously the 3.5i is the at the bottom end of the spectrum but it serves its purpose well and i could'nt be happier. Ive added a better air filter and introduced an all in one, straight through exhaust system with a cherry bomb in the middle for a lovely deep, rough and very raw sound- perfect! Apart from that the Rangey has been raised a few inches, had some mud terrains chucked on and also had a nice new colour scheme for added effect. The stickers you can see are for my dads charity non speed rally across europe encompassing 11 countries in 7 days ( great fun have a gander! Still have lots to get done but preparing to do the rally myself this year so the learning process continues, roll on.........


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