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V8 links

Below is a list of supplies and services that you will hopefully find useful...


resources and other interesting sites:

  • Total Travel - This site has everything you need for touring abroad in your V8
  • V8 Register Official web site of the V8 Register
  • Backfire - Craig's V8 Just about everything you ever needed to know but where afraid to ask about V8 engines
  • Chimaera Pages Vital, especially if you accidentally end up restoring a TVR Chimaera. Oops.
  • Wedge Pages For the wedge TVRs of course!
  • York Raceway Once you've finished your build, you need to show the world how quick it is!
  • Don's Auto Pages Vital automotive and motorsport info for NZ users
  • Doug's SD1 Site What can I say? It's Doug's site ... It's about SD1s ... Excellent :)
  • The AC Cobra Pages a V8 Cobra, how could you NOT want one?
  • Web Rover Possibly the ultimate Land Rover site out there, if not, it's only a matter of time
  • the Classic Car List VERY comprehensive resource for classic cars of all types
  • M-Fix TVR M SEries and Ford Essex V6 site

kit cars:

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