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Fitting a Rover V8 into an SE5 Scimitar...

Thanks goes to Tom Follows for the info on this part of the site, see Tom's SE5 V8 Scimitar here... Tom is an engineer and so when his SE5 conversion started, it took next to no time. Prepare to be put to shame (myself inparticular) as the attention to detail that has gone into the fabrication for Tom's SE5 V8 Conversion is superb.

"The conversion was well worthwhile, It took me about a month of evenings and some weekends. Performance is up, it doesn't rattle, and even the Mpg is better than the V6 (now ~24-25) so I'm very happy. The engine is significantly lighter than the V6 but as I already had AVO adjustable suspension so the ride height could be adjusted. I also have a rear Anti roll bar fitted, but so far just the standard brakes. A Limited Slip Diff is now becoming more of a requirement!

"Total cost was around £1,300 I could have done it more cheaply but I need it reliable as it is my everyday car. Much Fun."

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