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A beginners guide to V8 conversion

V8Church was started in January 2004 all because the author had proudly shoehorned a V8 into a Reliant Scimitar. It got quite popular and so 'Your cars' got added to let everyone show off their p&j. We're always after new cars so if you've got ANYTHING V8 and interesting we want to know about it. Just register to upload your pics and story, it's easy!

This section of the site tells the story of Sam's 4.6 V8 Scimitar 'The Chocolate Log'. As the name implies, it's not pretty and many an automotive engineer would keel over and die at the sight of it but it worked and people found the info useful so here it is.

Go easy, the work was done almost 10 years ago ... a lot has been learnt since! 

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