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Fitting a Rover V8 into an SE6 Scimitar

A TVR, bang for buck, is possibly the most accessible, ballsy, V8 sports car going. Not as refined as the exotics but relatively cheap, fast and awesome to listen to. In 2001 a TVR Chimera was still at least 16k and I didn't have that kinda money so I had to look elsewhere.

The options seemed to be:

  • Get a loan and buy a TVR anyway
  • Buy an American car
  • Build a kit car
  • Convert something to V8 power

A proper engine, 8 cylinders and a fat carb on top

Well this site wouldn't be here if I hadn't opted for a V8 conversion right? Loans are daft (hey, that was in 2001, the economy might have been better off if more people felt the same!), I didn't know enough about American cars to get a good one and kits were pricey too. I chose a Reliant Scimitar for some simple reasons:

  • Fitting the 465cfm holley carbThey're cheap
  • Love them or hate them, the styling is ... distinctive
  • They're rear wheel drive
  • They're cheap
  • They already have a V6 engine (so V8 conversion mustn't too tough right?)
  • They're cheap

I got a brown one needing TLC for £350. To get roadworthy all it needed was some new brake bits, a PAS steering rack and a polish. It had a leather interior in great shape, tinted windows, alloys and some other good bits too.

I'd got my base... 

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